stephanie carr (syrafex) wrote in layout_addicts,
stephanie carr

can anyone help?

i dont mean to be a pain, and if im posting this in the wrong place let me know, but is there any way someone here could make me a layout? ive listed everything below, but if it isnt possible, its ok n_n

i dont want it majorly complicated...just nice! i just wanted a nice, pale, anime-style layout. i dont want my journal in a box, but justified to the left, with my header and title at the top and a line below it to separate it from the journal body, but i DID want a sidebar with my userpic, links, blurb box, etc in it, with a solid line. colours...really just greys, with swirly girlie things and stars! some pink too. a background that doesnt scroll. i know im not being very specific, but its just because i really have no idea how to explain what im looking for...i have completely buggered my journal up and REALLY need help! i would like it if this was used but if it could be made into a background (its a little small), and fixed so that text was visible on it. how i dont maybe putting the text in boxes after all but making them almost transparent? other than that, i leave it up to you!

thank you all very much!!!

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