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hello. I've just joined, and i have a semi-big request.

I have a community (or two) of my own, and as i will not advertise here, i would like to request a little help. I could very easily use the same layout for both of them, as they are related. But mainly, i need a layout for my newer one, which is about people baking cookies and stuff, and sending them out to out soldiers overseas. I am in pretty dire need of a nice semi patriotic, or even cookie based layout to make it look all spiffy and join-able. I was trying to read the community itself, by the color's make it hard for my poor deformed eyes to read easily, no offence, my eyes are just f*cked up.

I also now about zip about HTML and CSS codes, and cahsing after my two little boys doesn't leave me much chanec to learn enough in depth to understand anything past Copy and Paste, really. i mean, i know basic, bold, italicize, stuff like that, but past that...zippity-doo-da.

If any one could help me with a nice layout, and instructions on how to make it actually work, since i just scrceweed up my personal journal trying to play around with it. Thanks in Advance.

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