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What you will find in this community?
1. Paid public styles that you are free to use, as long as CREDIT is given to the layout's creator. Do not claim as someone else's layout as your own. If you use one of my layout's do not take out my credit banner or remove my meta tags. .
2. Free user styles that you are welcome to use, as long as credit is given to the layout's orginal creator. Hey, I'm an artist, and credit is deserved where credit is due.
3. Tutorials on public styles and free styles.
4. Basic tutorials on html and css.
5. Links to some of my most favorite web sites that have helped me make these layouts.
6. Member requests of layouts that they'd like.
7. I encourage other designers to post their layouts in this community--free or paid user styles...It's great to see the creativity of others and complimentary to see what they originally have created.
What you will not find in this community?
1. This is not a layout rating community. But you may post layout help questions.
2. No flaming.
3. No drama.
Link back to me?
If you use one of my layouts, please keep the credit link in place, do not modify my html code, and I would appreciate one of my banners on your user info page.
Hotlinking and the red X?
Hi, if you all of a sudden see a red X on your layout--you have hotlinked one of my graphics, consider yourself lucky as I sometimes put up the most hideous pic's using the same img tags as used in any given layout. Bottom line:::Do not steal my bandwidth. Host all the images on your own server. If you don't have an image photo host--sign up for an acct for one. I will provide links. Also if you are a paid user you can host pic's on lj's scrapebook.
Photohosting sites::

I used one of your layouts, but changed it, do I still have to credit you?
Think about this one very carefully. Of course, I deserve the credit, since I am the orginal author of it, right? I would prefer that you contact me via email regarding changing something in a layout--I hard color code, my layouts rely on CSS, and changing a tiny detail could majorly turn it into a big mess. I like to know who uses my layouts, so if you use one please post that you are.





Here is some of my paid public styles, free to use, as long as credit is given to me::::Please do not butcher my coding and claim these as your own. NO HOTLINKING MY IMAGES.

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Contact Links
Email, etc...

This Layout

Background and dividers created by muse_of_tragedy. Header pic was photshopped extensively from a fairy pic I found via google search. Hand Html'd via notepad with the help of Front Page.
Compatable in Firefox, Opera, and IE. Not tested in 800x600 resolution.

July 8, 2006
5:23 pm

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Hello Kitty LayoutCollapse )

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July 17, 2006
1:12 am

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Six overrides for S1 and four stylesheets for S2. You're to modify them and I don't ask for credit (I would appreciate it thought), the only thing I ask you not to touch are the header images that have my username on them, I made those out of my own collages and I don't want them changed. You're free to take them out though, just no modifying.
Comment if you take anything and let me know if something seems wrong. Enjoy :)


Style: Flexible Squares
Best view: all
Browser(s) Compatible: IE, maybe others
Credit: onebigshrug (optional)
Random Previews:

( HERE )

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Style: Generator
Website: Yes
Best view: all
Browser(s) Compatible: IE, maybe others
Credit: onebigshrug
Random Previews:

( HERE )

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June 6, 2006
3:35 pm

Read this..S1 LAYOUTS will be gooonnne.

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READ THIS If you code layouts using the S1 system you will definitely not like this post written in lj news. It's bullshit. I definitely will not be around anymore if this goes into effect. I love the coding system just the way it is...

emotional::musical:: aggravated

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February 14, 2006
2:21 am

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hello. I've just joined, and i have a semi-big request.

I have a community (or two) of my own, and as i will not advertise here, i would like to request a little help. I could very easily use the same layout for both of them, as they are related. But mainly, i need a layout for my newer one, which is about people baking cookies and stuff, and sending them out to out soldiers overseas. I am in pretty dire need of a nice semi patriotic, or even cookie based layout to make it look all spiffy and join-able. I was trying to read the community itself, by the color's make it hard for my poor deformed eyes to read easily, no offence, my eyes are just f*cked up.

I also now about zip about HTML and CSS codes, and cahsing after my two little boys doesn't leave me much chanec to learn enough in depth to understand anything past Copy and Paste, really. i mean, i know basic, bold, italicize, stuff like that, but past that...zippity-doo-da.

If any one could help me with a nice layout, and instructions on how to make it actually work, since i just scrceweed up my personal journal trying to play around with it. Thanks in Advance.


emotional::musical:: emptyheaded

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February 7, 2006
1:44 am

new community rule

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As of this date--all entries must be friends only. Especially if you post a layout you've made--all layouts posted should also be tagged. I will be making modifications within this community in the next couple days. Stay tuned.

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January 30, 2006
8:43 pm

can anyone help?

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i dont mean to be a pain, and if im posting this in the wrong place let me know, but is there any way someone here could make me a layout? ive listed everything below, but if it isnt possible, its ok n_n

request and description...Collapse )

thank you all very much!!!


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December 13, 2005
9:48 pm

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I'm totally new to making layouts, and this is my first one ever.

So, here goes
Style: S1 Punquin Elegant w/ sidebar
Website: No
Custom Colors: Already in coding
Browser(s) Compatable:Internet Explorer, I'm not sure about others
Credit: Already in layout
Suggested Icon: Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Preview: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v325/SportEGirl07/RedandBlackLayout.gif

Directions and Layout Code HERECollapse )

If there are any problems or issues getting this to work, please let me know and I'll do everything I can to help.

P.S. please comment if taking.

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December 1, 2005
7:07 am

Quick help needed

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Hi, I hope it's okay for me to post this here.

I have noticed that on some pages, comments are displayed in full using page numbers to scroll through. On my journal, however, I have one massive list of comments, with longer threads being minimised by the entry date and user name. I'd like to override this so that comments are displayed in pages instead.

I hope this makes sense?

Can someone help me out with an override code to add to my layout?

Thanks so much :)

emotional::musical:: confused

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November 13, 2005
6:51 pm

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Here's a nice autumn layout... a little late, but still appropriate... enjoy!

Style: Generator
Website: Yes
Custom Colors: Nah
Default Icon: Nope
Best view: 1024 x 768
Browser(s) Compatible: IE only, sorry
Credit: _cyncity


Live Preview (for now)

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October 20, 2005
6:04 pm

Requesting a code!

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Hey you guys!
Does anybody have the code to put an image in the entry boxes? I have a header on my page if that helps.

Thanx heaps!!


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