Cassie (sportegirl07) wrote in layout_addicts,

I'm totally new to making layouts, and this is my first one ever.

So, here goes
Style: S1 Punquin Elegant w/ sidebar
Website: No
Custom Colors: Already in coding
Browser(s) Compatable:Internet Explorer, I'm not sure about others
Credit: Already in layout
Suggested Icon: Image hosted by

1. First you have to save and upload this background picture to your own account (i.e. Photobucket, or something like that)
Image hosted by
2. You can do the same with the icon I provided or, use your own
3. Copy and paste the code into the S1 journal layout overrides
4. Anywhere in the coding where it says "IMAGE HERE" in all caps, replace those words with the URL for the background picture that you uploaded.

If there are any problems or issues getting this to work, please let me know and I'll do everything I can to help.

P.S. please comment if taking.
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Wow!! Not bad at all esp for your first. I really do like it alot. You should've seen my first was terrible--not cross browser compatible, misaligned, just ick.

It's great for me to see other layout artists posting their creations in this community. Thank you!
yay! i'm glad you like it! It was originally my layout for my myspace profile, but I figured it be fun to try to re-write the coding for it to be compatible with livejournal. Boy did it keep me occupied!

And it took forever to figure out how to do that little scroll box for the code in this entry. once i found out...*headdesk* hehe.

I'm working on figuring out the coding for my layout now..I'll post the coding for it here as soon as i think i'm done :)